Snorkeling Accessories

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Sea Buff Dive Mask Cleaner by M Essentials

CAD $10.95

Safely prime and clean your mask lens. Makes use of defog more effective.

Sea Gold Anti-Fog Gel for Dive Masks by M Essentials

CAD $10.95

Simply the best mask defog in the industry. Eliminates pesky fogging problems.

Neoprene Strap Wrapper by Deep Blue Gear

CAD $13.95

The Neoprene Strap Wrapper by Deep Blue Gear helps to keep your diving or snorkeling mask on without sacrificing a comfortable and secure fit.

Waterproof Smartphone Pouch by Witz Cases

CAD $24.95

The Witz smartphone pouch is a waterproof pouch that fits virtually all smartphones and pocket digital cameras

Waterproof Case by Witz Cases

CAD $14.95

Protect your important belongings with a waterproof case!

Clamshell Protective Mask Box by Deep Blue Gear

CAD $8.95

Protect your investment! Sturdy plastic mask box, excellent for traveling.

Silicone Grease Silicone Lubricant by M Essentials

CAD $9.95

A must-have for men with mustaches! Helps your mask remain sealed to your upper lip.

Silicone Snorkel Keeper by Deep Blue Gear

CAD $3.95

Think ahead! ... Carry an extra snorkel keeper with you whenever you go snorkeling.

Silicone Snorkel Mouthpiece by Deep Blue Gear

CAD $6.95

Have you bitten through your snorkel mouthpiece? We have the replacement you need.

Deluxe Combo Accessory Pack

CAD $22.95

The ultimate add-on to any combo kit, includes mask box, defog and fish ID card

Silicone Mask Strap

CAD $9.95

It's smart to carry a spare mask strap, and we have what you need!