Kids' Snorkel Gear

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Maui Junior - Kid's Snorkeling Set by Deep Blue Gear

CAD $70.95

A complete set of kids snorkeling gear including a Maui Junior Snorkel Mask (Rx lenses are available), Semi-Dry snorkel, Adjustable fins, & A Mesh bag.

Playa Junior - Kid's Snorkeling Set by Deep Blue Gear

CAD $58.95

A complete set of affordable snorkel gear for kids 5 & under. Includes Playa Jr. Childrens Mask, Maui 2 Junior Semi-Dry Snorkel, Adjustable Fins, & Mesh Bag.

Maui Jr - Kids Mask and Snorkel Set by Deep Blue Gear

CAD $64.90

2-window kids silicone mask with semi-dry purge snorkel.

Kids Short Sleeve Rashguard by Deep Blue Gear

CAD $30.95

Keep your kids protected from the sun. This short-sleeved kid's rashguard from Deep Blue Gear provides all-day sun protection.

Kids' Performance Fit Long Sleeve

CAD $33.95

Kids' Long Sleeve Rash Guard in 6oz. Poly-Pro Lycra

Beach Stroller - Kids

CAD $17.95

Rocky shore lines are no match for our fashionable Beach Strollers

Beach Cruiser - Kids

CAD $17.95

Our Kids' Beach Cruiser Aqua Shoes are perfect to protect those little feet!